S.P.I.N. Selling Works and Here's Why

Nov 08, 2022

Asking the right questions can make or break a deal.

We know one thing for sure, no one likes a pushy sales person.

The audacity to tell ME what I NEED?? no thank you.

That's why SPIN selling is ingenious
You make the sale by asking questions!

Never heard of it? That's okay, because we are covering the 4 steps you need to nail your next closing. You are going sell more real estate and know what it's like to be a successful agent.

Here are the 4 steps:

1. S: Situational Questions.

We're getting to know someone.
More specifically, we want to know the struggle they are facing when buying a home.
So what do we do?
Ask the right questions to understand what the issue is that they are dealing with. Then we move on to step #2

2. P: Problem Questions

Who doesn't want their problems solved?

I sure do
Just like you, I want to be the one that solves it.

So how does asking questions get someone to list their house with you?
Because, you are listening. More than listening, you are guiding them down a path to resolution.

And that's exactly what they want. But remember, they thought of it. On to #3

3. I: Implication Questions

This is the stressful part. Asking the future-oriented questions.

Remember the problem that they told you?
Use it here, but with hypothetical implications the future might hold.
Having kids? Need more rooms. New job? Further commute.

You get the idea?
These are motivators.
This is what makes you take action.
Now, capitalize.

4. N: Needs Payoff

Okay, last part, and this one is a little tricky.
Now you know their problems, they know the implications the future might hold for them.

So, what do we do?
That's right. We allow them to come up with a resolution. All on their own.

Don't forget, WE aren't coming up with the resolution.
WE just asked the right questions.

But they just convinced themselves that the right move is to sell
And you just happen to be sitting in a meeting with them.
Who are they going to list with? Yup! You!

You just learned how to close more deals with spin selling. This simple training is going to get you more clients and you are going to be a successful agent.

If this helped. Join us for our live trainings. You'll be writing down new goals by 2023.

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