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HuziCommunity is tailor-made for agents who:

1. Hit their glass ceiling and are finding it tough to smash through the obstacles in their way.
2. Are at the starting line, ready to build a brand new business from the ground up.
3. Are spread too thin and need to pivot in a fresh direction.
4. Crave disciplined organization skills and strategic goal setting to streamline their operations.
5. Desire structure and systems to make your work more efficient and effective.

From organization to lead conversion, from structure to marketing yourself, we'll help you build a rock-solid foundation for your business. Join and let's start integrating our processes, systems, and AI-powered tools into your daily routine.

If any of these resonate with you, our small group training classes are just what you need.

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Rick Gray


Having built a team in Portland, Oregon that ranked among the top 75 teams in the country, and having run two different brokerages including the #1 brokerage in production in the country in 2013 with over $1 billion in sales, Rick Gray's extensive background is unmatched.

Rick has worked personally with international trainers and coaches such as Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy, and has conducted over 1,900 sales and personal development talks across the country for companies like IBM, Xerox, Sprint, Hewlett Packard, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Kodak, and many others. 

Rick has also received rave reviews from his clients. For his ability to really listen to their needs, and deliver high-level service and expertise consistently.

Now, he's looking for agents who are willing to expand their resources and take advantage of the massive opportunity AI is presenting.

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Jennifer McCulloch | Community Member

Before I met Rick, my real estate career was consistent but stagnant. Despite personal and professional challenges, I decided to invest in myself and start Rick's coaching in 2018.

I doubled my business within the first year and one of the most surprising aspects of this transformation was that it didn't require more hours of work. Contrarily, I found that I was working less, without sacrificing my personal life or commitments. Rick's coaching equipped me with valuable skills in time management and productivity, giving me more control over my professional life.

Beyond these tangible benefits, Rick's coaching ushered in a profound shift in my mindset. I found myself growing more professional, and my perspective started to change. I began attracting the right people and opportunities, as though the energy around me had transformed. It felt like a direct manifestation of the law of attraction.

Rick Gray's coaching was my game-changer, and I believe it can be yours too.

We Focus On 6 Components Of Your Business

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Horalia Besendorfer

Using, Horalia was able to lift the weight of content creation off of her shoulders. She used Huzi as her Co-Pilot to brainstorm ideas for her social media posts. 

She was able to stop procrastinating and completely finish a project before moving on to the next one. 


Melissa Holm

Melissa has an incredible story using 

She has typically struggled with writing styles and techniques, second guessing if what she created would perform to her audience.

However, with Huzi, she was able to create a social media post that lead to her getting 19 leads in the first 45 minutes of launching it.



Barb Dopp

Your tremendous ability to lead in a peaceful way inspires me! Your positivity and willingness to help means the world to those around you. 

Jennifer McCulloch

I doubled, then tripled my business after coaching with Rick all while spending no more than 40 hours per week on average.  He is incredible and changed my life.

Ken Perkes

Rick, you are Truly Amazing! One of the most evolved, disciplined and developed men I have been privileged to know. Loyal, honest, and dependable! 

Jeffery Sweet

No matter if you're a new agent, experienced agent, building a team or brokerage, Rick's philosophies and teachings will always keep you growing, which has been crucial to my business!

Bev Blume

Rick Gray has been a friend and mentor and my coach for 12 years.  I would not be at this level of emotional maturity if not for Rick.  We focus on emotional intelligence, not just numbers.  We talk about how to be emotionally prepared to handle this business and I have really leveraged Rick over the years.  His insights and wisdom are tremendously valuable for me.

Radley Buxton

I didn't sign up for coaching at the time because my mindset was all about saving money then, rather than investing money in myself. About a year ago I realized in order for my income to change I needed to change my mindset and my systems. I hired Rick as a coach and since then rebranded my whole real estate business, sold over $25 million in volume in that year setting a record for myself, and got out of my own way.  

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