Helping For Sale By Owners Sell Their Home

Oct 16, 2022

Do you want to help for sale by owners sell their home? FSBO's can be a tricky close. But extremely beneficial. The key to closing a for sale by owner lead is nurturing them! Contact the for sale by owner with value add material. Earn their trust by giving them comps, helping with their marketing, and bringing leads through their door.

There are some very unnerving statistics that show that FSBO sell for a substantially lower amount compared to using an agent. AFTER you have rapport with a FSBO let them know about these statistics (we talk about them in this video).

You've just earned their trust. You are looking out for their benefit and don't want them to undersell, end up in litigation, or just flat out not sell their home. For sale by owners attract two of the four buyer types. Investors and tire kickers. We don't want that to be the only exposure they are getting.

So, what do we do? We ask a very important question. (also in the video😉) Once you get the answer to the question you will be set up to reach out for a meeting and ask for their listing. Most likely, after presented with a cohesive plan, they will sign with you. Even if it means they have to pay that ugly commission.

They know in the end that they will earn more money working with an agent than trying to sell it by themselves. Use the tips in your next real estate meeting and help them understand why it is important to use realtors in the sale of their property. And how working without a realtor in selling their house can leads to mistakes and problems down the road.

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